Poster – Make sherry great again (A3-size)


Make Sherry Great Again. Can’t repeat this enough.

For now, I’m a minority. But I’m possessed, SHERRY IS LIFE. The image of sherry has a massive issue due to the cheap, industrial production that flooded the markets in the 80s and 90s.

But that time has passed. This is the era of Luis Perez, Cota 45 and Juan Piñero. It’s not like they are innovating, the contrary: they are falling back on the ancient traditional vinification methods. A single vineyard Sherry for example, close to the shore for optimal saltiness. Or a sherry that ages for ages under flor (La Bota de Florpower). Or no flor, making it the best aperitif you could possibly wish for (El Muelle). Or, and after I’ll stop, a PX sherry like you’ve never tasted before (Pandora).

  • A3 sized, firm paper (350 grams)
  • Printed by De Kijm, top presser in The Hague, NL.
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