Germany is the biggest sparkling wine consuming market in the world and 80% is satisfied by sekt. 

  • Grapes – no limitations but most important Riesling, PB and PN.
  • Vinification – mostly tank method, some premium wines are made by traditional method. Carbonation is not permitted.
  • Min alcohol – 10%
  • Min pressure – 3.5 bar

Different kind of sekts

Best article written about sekt by Romana Echensperger (MW) on Guildsomm. Read here >

Sekt made in Germany

  • Made in Germany from grapes that are grown outside Germany
  • The majority of German Sekt is made from inexpensive base wine from outside Germany, mainly Italy, France and Spain. Grapes need to come from an EU country.

Deutscher Sekt

  • Produced in Germany from base wines made of grapes grown in Germany
  • Cross-regional blends are allowed if no region is specified

Deutscher Sekt BA

  • BA means Bestimmte Anbaugebiet
  • Base wines must come from one of the 13 BAs
  • Indication of BA needed
  • Region also allowed if at least 85% from the wine is from that appellation
  • Deutscher sekt (BA) not necessarily bottle fermented


  • Top category by law because Winersekt must be hand-picked and bottle fermented
  • Single vintage and single variety
  • 9 months aging sur lie
  • Grapes grown by the estate
  • Producers are allowed to let a co-op make the Winzersekt

Nice story: Matthieu Kauffman went from Bollinger (Champagne) to Von Buhl (Pfalz).